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Keith Fierman, CADC, BRI II, CCJP is a preferred interventionist for the Betty Ford Center, specializing in addiction counseling. Keith also works very closely with Sober Living by the Sea Treatment Centers in Newport Beach California and with other prestigious facilities across the country treating persons affected by substance abuse, chemical dependency and other addictions.

Keith is a certified alcohol and drug counselor. With his main office located in Birmingham Alabama, Keith travels throughout the country facilitating successful interventions.

  • Board member of AADAC

  • Member of Association of Intervention Specialists

  • Board Member of Association of Intervention Specialists

  • Site Chair for Association of Intervention Specialists

  • Member of National Association of Treatment Providers

I am fully confident that intervention, treatment and recovery work!

I would not do the work I do if I didn't see results in families with whom I work. My dedication to the family and the affected people I work with is unequaled. I truly love the work I do! I believe in the process of intervention. Taking the time needed to work with each family is essential. Being with the family through the entire process helps ease their fears and frustrations.

“I thank you for your patience and your determination. The quiet and gentle approach that you share is magical. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.” — Patricia C.


preferred interventionist, established certified crisis interventions for addiction

Intervention - Interventionist help for drug and alcohol addiction is effective for teen and adult males and females.   Interventions help a family to plan strategies.   Early crisis programs involving a team of men and women, who may be family members, can assist a teen or adult who is an alcoholic or has an addiction to seek help for this behavior, such as behavioral counseling.    Assistance of interventionists can help your loved one out of the cycle of abuse and into a program.