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What Treatment Centers Say about Intervention Service

“Keith Fierman is one of the few interventionists in the country that I can honestly say does his job for the right reasons. His love and care for the suffering family, is unmatched by anyone in the industry. When I tell a family “Keith is the best there is,” I sleep well at night because it’s true. The man is truly a gifted individual.”
Daryl Bullock
Betty Ford Center

“I have referred to Keith Fierman many times over the last several years. He has performed interventions for us that have ranged from simple to quite complex. He has worked with poor and unknown, wealthy and famous. The reason we use Keith as much as we do is the same reason one might send a cancer patient to Johns Hopkins rather than a local doctor. There is no slight intended to the local practitioner; however, there is something to be said about the range of experience and frequency of practice.”
David D. Blackwell,
EdS Clinical Outreach Coordinator
Cumberland Heights

“We are grateful to Keith Fierman for his courage and spirited humanity, and we are honored to work with him. At Moonview, as with Keith, we have reverence for the range of treatments, that enable us to enter the human soul.”
Dr. Laurie Ann Levin / Jerry Levin Founder & CEO / Presiding Director Moonview Sanctuary

“An association with Keith Fierman is a partnership rooted in passion and dedication to the suffering alcoholic/addict and as importantly, the suffering family.”
Cirque Lodge

“As one of our Partner Interventionists, Keith Fierman and Intervention Service provide an invaluable service to both patients and family members and are an integral part of the treatment team at the Betty Ford Center.” Mike Neatherton
Executive Vice President / COO Betty Ford Center

“It has been my pleasure to work with Keith Fierman for several years. I have always found him to be sincere, soft spoken, passionate about his work and comforting to his clients and their families. He continues to closely follow all of his referrals throughout their treatment episode. I know that when I refer Keith to a family, he will respond quickly and that the family is getting the best care possible. He is a professional who shows the true essence of caring.”
Bruce Levinson
Director of Admissions
Sober Living by the Sea

“In today’s complex health care environment, collaboration is a highly valued and desired approach. When the ultimate goal is to provide the best treatment for individuals with the disease of addiction, interventionists such as Keith Fierman bring to the table interference so that treatment providers can do what they do best...provide addiction treatment to the patient. Collaboration with Keith means a better opportunity for long term sustainable recovery for the patient.”
Ronald J. Hunsicker, D.Min,
FACATA President / CEO
National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers


What Families Say About Intervention Service

Dear Keith, I am truly amazed at the way people use their gifts. You are using yours to save lives! Wow! Keep up your unique work. — Lisa D.

Dear Keith, I just want to take the chance to thank you for all of your help. You did such a wonderful job preparing us for the intervention, and you did even a more amazing job during the intervention itself. I still can't believe you convinced her to go to treatment, but you did it. Thank you for the many hours you journeyed and your many hours of counseling. For that we send you our deepest appreciation. Thank you. — Nina M.

Jim, Thank you so much for referring us to Keith Fierman. Words cannot describe how incredible his professional touch was to our family. Keith is a very gifted and loving person. I feel so very fortunate to have worked with him and watched him in action. I will forever be amazed at how he can so quietly and gracefully help a family start to heal. Thank you for giving our family such an incredible opportunity. — Cathy L.

Keith, I can't thank you enough for what you did for me and helping me get to treatment. My life is so much easier, and I'm so much happier! My mother and father send their gratitude as well. — Francis R.

Dear Keith, Thanks for helping us to start a new life. I'm feeling so strong and know it has to work. You're a star for leading Jeff's team and giving so much to the lives of others. You are terrific in my book! — Beth A.



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Intervention - Interventionist help for drug and alcohol addiction is effective for teen and adult males and females.   Interventions help a family to plan strategies.   Early crisis programs involving a team of men and women, who may be family members, can assist a teen or adult who is an alcoholic or has an addiction to seek help for this behavior, such as behavioral counseling.    Assistance of interventionists can help your loved one out of the cycle of abuse and into a program.